How Do You Pick A Realtor?


1: Read through this information.

 2: Get a copy of Jim Stacey's book titled "Seattle Homes" and read it. It is an excellent primer on purchasing and true buyer representation. Seattle Homes

3: Call us and a couple of other Realtors that you have been referred to by someone you trust, for the specific purpose of interviewing (see the "Questions To Ask" section further down on the left).

4: Contact the references provided and ask some simple questions: "What did they do right? What did they do wrong? Would you want your mother to work with them?"

5: Make an intelligent decision!

We recommend you do not get in anybody's car until you decide whom you are going to work with!  Our philosophy is simple: We believe that a relationship as significant as buyer-agency is far too important to be formed simply by default.

 If you are the kind of buyer who is going to choose your agent simply because any agent you meet says: "I know a couple homes you might like to see...", you probably wouldn't be taking the time to do this kind of home-work! It is said that most people spend more time planning their vacation than planning for their future. We work well with clients who like to plan and prepare for what is commonly the single biggest investment of their lives! 

"Bruce has proven time and time again to be one of the most reliable people in real estate...if I were to ever (work) with someone else, it would be with Bruce!" Jim Stacey, Author: Washington Homes, Seattle Homes, Broker: Jim Stacey Realty