For our actual clients whom we are working with, we have constructed a detailed website with links to many different websites and phone numbers of professionals, contractors, Police info, Seattle zoning info, oil tanks, earthquakes, engineers, toxics and more. For you, as someone who is just checking us out, here are some basic web-sites that discuss and explain some issues and topics that we typically cover in interviews and consultations.


With the multiple routes to access MLS listings available, it's easy to get a feel for the types of properties available in your price range in the areas you would like to look. We encourage you to shop online for properties in the convenience of your home, to get some basic ideas of what type of inventory is currently available. Remember, the listing statuses you see on the MLS portals are not completely up to date, as the properties that have just sold and gone into STI status will probably still be showing up as "active" on the internet. As members of the MLS we will be constantly checking the real-time status of properties that fit your search parameters. With a good buyer representative, you are going to be informed of new listings within hours of hitting the computer system and you may be looking at those properties within the first day if not hours of them being posted!!

Click on our access site for clients into the Multiple Listing Service:
Seattle Homes on the MLS

You can also set up at this time a RealtyWatcher file, with your search info, that will email you with listings as they hit the MlS!


This file will provide you with the most up-to-date listings, including addresses and information, via email!

Many people do not understand the way in which newspaper advertising works, including how much advance time ads must be received by the newspaper and rules for the MLS regarding timing of inputting of listings. We use the newspapers to find properties for our buyers, but not in a manner you would probably guess! Again, we recommend you use this resource only as an information gathering tool, perhaps to visit some open houses in a particular neighborhood to get a feel for that area or price/quality range. Once you are working with us you will not have to use this tool this way.

Weekend advertising hunting:
The Seattle Times Classified: Real Estate 

Remember, whether working with us or anyone else, call your Agent for any info on any property you see listed in any environment. That's how you control your representation. 


Lending Rates and associated information

We will assist you in picking the most advantageous lender to work with. Here is a link to get some overview of current rates. The information below is for convenience only. We highly advise you not to pay any money or obligate yourself to any lenders until you have had a chance to counsel with us on some of your options and needs!

Structural Inspection information

Our experience has brought us into contact with some of the finest property inspectors in the region. We will give you a number of different inspectors to talk with and discuss each inspection company's traits. Meanwhile, here is some info on inspections:

Washington Chapter, American Society of Home Inspectors

Seattle Schools Information

Obviously, one of the most important issues for buyers is the quality of schools in the area. Here is a link to Seattle schools info:

Seattle Schools

Seattle Area Relocation Information

Finally, here is some overall info that we send out to our out-of-area clients before arriving in the area. You may find some new info!

BruceandDonna's Relo Packet

" made it easy...your professionalism pointed us straight to the area you sensed we would feel most comfortable organized the inspection, coordinated with the lender and lent your support to the closing in a most expedient fashion...both my wife and myself have no hesitation in commending you for an excellent goes without saying that we will recommend you whenever the occasion arises." Bernard Wilcken