We take the concepts of Agency and Representation very seriously and as such, have developed a wide-reaching and strong sphere of loyal and trusting clients who refer their friends, family and associates to us whenever they hear of someone thinking of purchasing residential real estate in Seattle.

As a standard policy of our real estate practice, we operate primarily in Single Agency roles in the representation of our clients.  We have only rarely participated in Dual Agency, in unusual situations such as when two knowledgeable clients (i.e. a real estate attorney and a land use attorney), fully understanding the obligations and responsibilities associated with such a role, have explicitly asked us to function as Dual Agents in order to accomplish their mutually benefiting goals.

Donna's decades of experience assisting first-time and repeat home-buyers in intelligently and safely acquiring the most important acquisition of their lives have earned her a reputation of excellence recognized throughout Seattle's real estate community. Her uncompromising approach to representation and Agency is legendary among Seattle's legal community.  Having practiced Buyer Representation years before its current popularity, she is sought out by purchasers young and old for her intelligent and aggressive advocacy of her clients.

Bruce is one of the most experienced Buyer Representatives working in Seattle. He is one of the original residential buyer-brokers in the Seattle area, having implemented the practice well before it was even heard of in the general market place. Practicing Buyer Representation since 1988, well before it became general knowledge to the public and years before Washington State laws forced agents to scramble to finally identify their roles and responsibilities in the residential real estate industry, Bruce has helped establish the concept of Buyer Agency as a standard of practice in Seattle residential real estate.

"...honest and ethical behavior are high priorities for you, which certainly was beneficial to me as your client...going over a Purchase and Sale Agreement and explaining key points was very helpful...showed me that you probably would be a good Purchaser Representative, which you turned out to presented (information) in such a way (that it) added to my perception, without trying to sway it...appreciated your active participation and interest in the inspection, where you found additional things that needed attention...when (the closing) turned combative, your diplomacy prevented a tense situation from turning into an impossible of luck!"  Monica Power, City of Seattle